Talk Nerdy To Me -- Send a Na'Vi, Elvish or Klingon Valentine!

Here at Lemondrop, we have a long history of loving on nerds, so we figured we'd bring you some Valentine's Day e-cards with a decidedly dorky flair. Now you can tell your favorite mouth-breather just how you feel -- choose from an "Avatar" bodice ripper in Na'vi, a "Lord of the Rings"-themed love letter in Elvish or a "Star Trek" mash note in Klingon.

Make the sexy nerds in your lives reach for their inhalers and wheeze with arousal. Our e-cards are so adorable, even a Vulcan would be moved. Happy Valentine's Day, Lemondroppers! Love long and prosper.

Step 1 Choose your card. Click on the thumbnail to preview and select.
  • Na’Vi
    Oeyä ikran slivu nga, tsakrr oeng 'awsiteng mivakto.
    (Be my ikran, and let’s ride together.)
  • Klingon
    QongDaqwIjDaq qajol 'e' vIneH.
    (I’d like to beam you into my bed.)
  • Elvish
    Amin naa lle nai
    (I am yours to command.)
Step 2 Personalize!

Step 3 Send! (If your card is sent, you'll be redirected to the Lemondrop homepage)