Hey Lemondroppers,

We miss you! Really, we do. And thank you for telling the giant, waving panda how you really feel.

Yes, we're over at MyDaily now. No, really, it's us! The same ladies who -- as you so lovingly and Lemondroppily put it -- made you laugh, cry and procrastinate during work.

And no, we're not breaking up with you.

A few things we'd like to tell you: We're in transition at MyDaily right now. Like most humans during the month of January, we've realized we'd like to look a lot different than we currently do.

No, we don't particularly want to be a hot pink website. Give us till spring and we swear we'll look much cuter. Even cuter than our little Lemondrop ever did! Maybe we'll even have a six-pack.

We'll also be easier to find your way around. (Yes, we know, right now we're like the website equivalent of the GPS that drives you straight into the nearest lake.)

We promise you -- and we only lie to douchey guys we don't like -- you will find the same Lemondrop stories you loved over at MyDaily. Some of them are there now -- posted by us, us! -- you just have to dig to find them.

In a few short months, there will be so much good stuff, we guarantee it will make you laugh, cry and love us again.

We hope.

Please don't abandon us yet. Instead, come over to MyDaily and tell us what you like, what you hate, and, more importantly, what you'd like to see on a brand-new site that was designed just for you. Be specific. Be explicit. We love you, and we're still here listening.