cotton spandex niteshirt"All good things are wild and free."
-Henry David Thoreau

To be fair, Thoreau would probably cringe at the idea of us using his quote to talk about material things, but come on, it's great material. We're talking about Wild and Free Clothing's groovy niteshirt in soft cotton spandex. Thoreau didn't know squat about spandex.

One lucky Lemondrop reader is going to win a good thing, the Wild and Free butterfly niteshirt (pictured). Yes, that's how they spell niteshirt; deal with it.

Wild and Free Clothing are just about to launch their website, so bookmark it! You can be the first kid on the block to check it out when it goes live. In the meantime you can find Wild and Free at better department stores and fine boutiques nationwide.

Please enter to win at the original Wild & Free Niteshirt Giveaway post. Good luck!