Is your password too common?Remember that scene from "Spaceballs" when King Roland of Druidia has to give up the combination to his planet's atmosphere in order to save his daughter's nose and the password was 12345 and everybody made fun of what a stupid password that was? (No? Well, watch this, NOW.)

Yeah ... it turns out that's still a pretty popular password.

As you may have heard, 188,279 Gawker Media accounts were hacked, and from those accounts a list of the most common passwords was created.

12345 topped the list, which also included passwords 12345678, lifehack, qwerty, abc123, 111111, monkey and consumer.

So if any of those are your current password for anything, might we suggest changing it up a little bit? And then sending them directly to us? Just kidding! We would never steal from you. Unless you had Raisinets.