Women love having their mouths complimentedStop the presses! Apparently the "Holy Grail of Flirting" has been found!

According to a study by everyone's favorite online dating site, Badoo, the best way to pick up women online is to compliment their lips. "You have beautiful lips" is apparently the compliment with the greatest overall success, although American, French, Italian and Brazilian women were more appreciative of having their mode of dress flattered.

Just something to think about the next time you're on ol' Badoo, cruising for dudes, and one of them tosses that line at you -- maybe he read the study and doesn't mean it at all! Maybe you're a sucker for falling for it!

Unfortunately, the study didn't reveal handy tips for us to trick men back to our places, but in our experience, "You have very nice lips" seems to work pretty well for guys, too ... especially after a couple Zimas.