While the rest of us have to settle for meeting potential mates on Match.com, if you're smart, socially awkward and at Harvard, you don't need to worry about mixing with those who have I.Q. scores under 150.

There's a new dating site exclusively for Harvard kids called CrimsonSpark, which dubs itself "Harvard's Digital Wingman," reports How About We. Instead of the whole drunken conversation / hook-up / casual-dating cycle otherwise known as the collegiate experience, you don't even need to leave the library to meet your match.

Of course, if you believe "The Social Network," this is roughly what that other Harvard-founded social network was originally designed to be: Students can sign up and anonymously ask other Harvard undergrads if they'd like to go on a date with them. If there's no connection, then nothing happens, but when two people "spark" each other, they're notified, along with a list of potential date suggestions. ("Want to help me with my Rhodes application tonight?" Hot) And you can spark multiple people at once.

You can search anyone in the Harvard directory who's signed up for the site, so it's a great stalking device, but the creators emphasize that instead of a place to find or meet new people, it's "a tool to help develop the relationships you already have."

Do Harvard students really need that much help?