'Tis the season for giving, and sadly, no matter how hard you want to skip others and just go straight to the land of selfishness to buy solely for yourself, there are deserving people waiting for their gift-wrapped goodies. The biggest problem after you've gotten over wanting everything for yourself? Finding the perfect gift for that girl who has it all. Lucky, lucky lady. Well, shock her with something beyond fabulous this holiday, and perhaps in return you'll be treated to "Want to borrow something?" on New Year's Eve.

Being gracious is always more stylish than whatever greatness she's wearing, so remind her to give thanks for all she's got with these gorgeous personalized note cards. Find her favorite color, throw on her initials or nickname -- whatever quirky bit you know would make her smile -- and you're all set with a gift she'll use for a long time.

Hotsy Totsy Artistry by Lindsey Miller on Etsy, starting at $40
This self-taught artist will custom-create work for you. So, send her a photo of your beautiful friend and she'll make you a colorful piece of perfection that will blow your mind. Oh, and this may be one of those times that "one for you, one for me" is quite all right. You deserve it.

Dutzi Design Vintage Burlap Tote, $90
Each bag is one of a kind, which means there's no chance you'll be hearing "Oh, I already have that" when she opens the box. Handpicked from recycled burlap, each bag is handmade by Mayan women working with Dutzi Designs to become more self-sustaining and empowered in their remote villages. It's a feel-good story no matter how you look at it.

HEX Watch Band for the iPod Nano Gen 6m $30
She was the first to get an iPod, so let her be the first to get this super-chic band that works as a watch with her Nano. It comes in a rainbow of colors, so if you're not sure if she'd prefer to match it with her gym clothes or with her newest YSL bag, you won't have to choose -- just get her two.

Kartell Lou Lou Ghost Chair, $133
All the girls I know who have everything under the sun have rooms that look like they've just been burglarized. Stuff everywhere. And not just stuff -- this is precious stuff thrown on the floor and stepped on until an evening of cleaning ensues. Do her a favor and gift her this clear chair, it's one step closer to her closet and so much better than tossing everything on the ground. Plus, it's clear, which makes it ghost-like, like it's not even there.

ProFlowers Six Months of Roses, $240
She's been a really good friend. I mean, she did answer her phone at 2 a.m. when you were desperate to talk. And she did rally on that evening when you knew your crush would be there. Which means she deserves to have her days brightened with a delivery of flowers each month for six months (or you can do up to one year) -- a constant reminder of how much you love and appreciate her.

Louis Vuitton European Cities Box Set, $125
While you've seen enough of her photos from around the world to feel like you've traveled with her, she still hasn't gone everywhere. This box set comes in either French or English and features all the chicest cities she'll need to visit in order to feel like she's done it all.

Brodie Hall Crystal Points and Pyrite on Vintage Chain Necklace, $65
I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing about this necklace since I want it so badly myself. It's the type of piece that you can wear all the time, day and night. A statement without being painful around the neck and yet dainty at the same time. Oh, and it's a one of a kind, made from vintage chandeliers, so if you want one for yourself, the two of you won't entirely be twins.

Clare Vivier Messenger Bag, $345
Since she has so much, she obviously needs a place to put it all, especially as she travels around the globe. This giant bag is perfect for long weekends or just everyday running around, meaning it can hold a ton yet not look absurdly giant for weekend shopping or heading to work.

Urban Outfitters Limited-Edition UO Nail Varnish Set of 10, $28
Now she can match everything she owns with this limited edition set of 10 nail polishes. Yes, 10 colors. Part of my 2011 to-do list will be to find a manicurist you can hire to do your BF's nails at home. But until then, maybe you can tell her the second part of her gift is a night in with your expert services. Oh, the fun to be had on a cold winter's evening!

Nicole Fasolino is the fashion director at the online and print magazine Un-Titled Project and works freelance doing fashion styling, writing and closet makeovers. She's obsessed with hearts, from the handmade graffiti on New York City streets to the beating one inside of you. Wanna tell her something about your heart? You could be featured on her daily blog, The 365 Heartbeats Project. Check out her daily musings at Where There Is Love There Is Life.