Let's call it a comeback --and a fabulous one at that. The last time we saw this much leather was the '80s and it was red, made a horrid plastic sound when you moved, and did nothing for your figure. But today is a new day, and with it, leather can make getting dressed every day a whole lot better. Here are the best pieces to add to -- and complete -- your look.

If you are totally into the idea of leather this season but overwhelmed with the thought of wrestling into a pair of tight leather pants, think of this top as your gift. It's a loose fit, making it easy to get into and ideal for layering with tanks and blazers. Wanna add some sex appeal? Since it has a super-low back, wear it alone or with a really lacy bra with a front closure.

I'm well aware there's no such thing as Santa, but I just finished writing him a letter, begging for this dress ... just in case he's out there somewhere. You never know, right? Yeah, I mean this thing is making me mental. Get a pair of amazing black tights, the highest-heeled booties imaginable, paint my nails and eyes black, my lips a shade of pale pink and I'm the happiest girl in town. Oh, sweet Santa, please?

The thing about leather shorts is they are totally underestimated. They have the power of looking elegantly dapper when worn with tights, heels and a beautiful shirt. But just as wonderful mixed with flat boots and a fitted sweater. These particular shorts are great because the fit is flattering on every body type, whether you're short, tall, stick-thin or trying to hide some winter lbs.

An absolute closet staple if what you're after is adding edge to your looks. I don't foresee this being your daily go-to, but I'm pretty sure you'll be happy to have it when you are in need of something to wear with your favorite tops. You know, the ones that will bore your friends to tears if you wear them one more time with jeans.

The mixing of fabrics on this blazer is heaven. Instead of being all leather, the sleeves and back are fabric, making it easier to wear all day, or at least all night, to complete your look. This way, you won't be sweating or wishing someone would drop a drink down your back.
Purchasing a pair of leather pants is an investment and a commitment, so consider a few things before dishing out some cash. Like how you'll have these gorgeous things forever and will most likely be the pants you'll try on in 10 years and cheer with total joy in when you realize THEY STILL FIT! Everyone's already aware that J Brand makes the sickest pants on the planet. It's a fact. So, if you plan to do the leather-pant thing, this is the only one to consider.

ASOS Leather Cut Away Fingerless Flat Stud Gloves, $31
Give up bangles and watches, and accessorize with these gorgeous fingerless gloves instead. I'm envisioning them with strapless dresses or even better with silky, draped, flesh-toned pieces. Keep it minimal, and the gloves will come off streamlined and sophisticated rather than borderline trashy.

Alice + Olivia Amena Bodysuit with Leather Shoulder Detail, $154
It's a strange thing when you come across a piece of clothing sexier than most girls you know. Seriously. For all of you fearful of too much leather taking over your being, here is the solution: a crewneck bodysuit with amazing zip-detailed leather shoulders. Are you in love?

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