First they came for our Four Loko. Will Whipped Lightning, the delicious dessert-cum-hooch, be next?

So-called "Whipahol" is essentially whipped topping infused with booze, and it has become a hit on college campuses.

Our question is: Uh, why? This seems like a really inefficient way to get drunk (even if is 18 percent alcohol), and face it -- after a certain point, consuming canned whipped cream in quantity is pretty disgusting. Why not whip up your own batch of whipped cream and add a little bourbon just for kicks? (It's delicious if you still have some pumpkin pie leftover from Thanksgiving, but you probably don't. Solution: Make more pie.)

As one, um, sensible teen told the Chicago Independent Press, "It's whipped cream. Kids aren't going to buy crates of this crap to get drunk. It's not like it's glue or paint. We just huff paint."

We just hope that this new "It's a dessert! It's a drink!" product will spawn a new version of the classic SNL "Shimmer Floor Wax / Dessert Topping" sketch. Check it out after the jump.