How many times have you woken up the night after a party at your own home and lay there (wherever you are, sometimes the bathtub), incredulous as to how you are going to be mobile enough to feed yourself, let alone clean up the mess?

Two enterprising young graduates from the University of Colorado must have taken the standard, lame career-adviser wisdom to "think outside the box" to heart, because Marc Simons and Alex Vere-Nicoll have started a business selling their services as "Hangover Helpers."

That's right -- for a low, low fee of $15 per roommate, the Hangover Helpers will come to your house the morning after you have a party bearing Gatorade, breakfast burritos, and cleaning supplies. After nursing you to a state of wellness (or non-repeated vomiting), they will then throw out all the plastic cups and bottles, make the floor unsticky again, find your cat and return your house to a livable state again.

Simons says he started out just cleaning houses but realized that there was a real need for this kind of service. How refreshing to see kids taking the gluttony and laziness of other kids and making a living off of it! Our only question is who's going to clean up the party the Hangover Helpers throw once they make their first million?