One Pill Makes It Bigger, Our Pill Makes It Small
And the pills our gynos give us may reduce our sex drive to nothing at all. (Time)

Aww Snap, South Korea
In response to being asked why it took 13 minutes to respond to a North Korean attack, South Korean defense minister Kim Tae-young told reporters, "This isn't 'StarCraft.'" (Gizmodo)

Tweet Cred
Hear that sound? It's Jam Master Jay rolling in his grave over the new Twitter Adidas shoes. (Geekologie)

It's Good to Be Bad
F**k traditional wisdom and have some fun -- cursing, drinking and turning it to 11 may all be beneficial for your health. (AOL Health)

(Photos: AP)

American Pie
American as apple pie? TRY HARDER. Introducing: PIE FRIES. (Jezebel)

First Comes Dirty Talk on Reality TV, Then Comes Marriage

Kim Zolciak and her baby daddy Kroy Biermann have gone and gotten themselves engaged. (Dlisted)

Kitten Smitten
Just when we thought there was nothing cuter than a kitten riding a turtle, we were proven so, so wrong. (BuzzFeed)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Penis
Harry Potter lingerie: the final step to ensuring that your loved one is thinking of Rupert Grint during sex. (TheGloss)