What Goes Well With Resentment?
Nervous about spending the holidays with family? At least make sure you get the wine pairings right. (HuffPo)

In Your Face™!
In his continuing bid for world domination, Mark Zuckerberg has finally been granted a trademark for the word "face" by the U.S. Patent Office. (Gizmodo)

Your Partner's No Longer the Only One Looking at Your Vag
Google is too! The mega-giant's Street View recently captured images of a woman giving birth on the street. (Geekologie)

Now You Have to Buy Us Dinner First
Pelvic exams are not actually required to obtain prescriptions for birth control, although as many as 44 percent of health-care providers insist upon them. We just thought our gynecologist really liked us. (Crushable)

(Photos: A.P.)

"I Slept Too Long!"
Don't worry, Ash, you still have time to make last-minute Thanksgiving desserts! (Epicurious)

Next Year's $1000 Leopard-Print Shirt in Jeopardy
Dirty clubwear Haute fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana has been accused of tax evasion, reportedly lying about funds to the tune of $1 billion. (TheFrisky)

The Pretty Jobless
Rule #1 in showbiz: Don't eff with Tim Gunn. "Gossip Girl"'s resident raccoon rebellious teen has been kicked off of the show indefinitely. (The Superficial)

Lohan Without Lohan

The "Mean Girls 2" trailer is here, answering the question of where Tim Meadows has been for the last 10 years. (TheGloss)

A Purrfect Thanksgiving
To hell with turkey, cats in pilgrim hats are what we're thankful for this year. (BuzzFeed)