You know it's true -- admit it! At some point in your life, someone close to you has gotten engaged and instead of celebrating, you've wanted to immediately shout, scream and stomp your feet in protest of the groom and the wedding. Like so many of us, you probably didn't say anything and bought an ugly bridesmaid dress in support of your friend, if not the marriage.

Even if you did scream and shake your fist, you surely would have nothing on the Russian mom who tried this week to prevent her daughter's nuptials with a fake bomb threat on an airplane.

According to CNN, officials stated the woman didn't want her 33-year-old daughter to fly to Morocco to get married, so she called police to anonymously report that her daughter planned to blow up the plane that was scheduled to leave Moscow.

Authorities tracked the call to the distraught 56-year-old mother in a town east of Moscow. Mommy dearest confessed that she was against her daughter's marriage since she didn't want her to move abroad with the Moroccan man for whom she'd recently fallen.

The daughter was pulled off the plane and questioned, but was cleared after officials spoke to her mother. She then flew off to Morocco to begin wedded bliss with her love awaiting her there.

How about you, dear readers? Is it ever really acceptable to speak when asked "speak now or forever hold your peace"?