For all you ladies out there who thought sharing a tipsy smooch would thrill your boyfriend, think again. In a recent survey about kissing and cheating, 61 percent of guys believed that a girl-on-girl kiss involving their girlfriends would be considered cheating. In fact, almost a third of the guys surveyed would dump their girlfriends for dipping a toe into sapphic waters.

Perhaps drunken girl-make-out sessions are a bit like stripping -- guys love to see girls do it, but they don't want to see their girls doing it. The guys in this survey admitted that they wouldn't be able to trust their girlfriend after a kiss with anyone, male or female, and a girl-girl kiss would make them question her sexual orientation.

Maybe it's best if we leave the kissing for people we're actually attracted to, instead of making lady liplocks a parlor trick for men. If you want to make out with a girl, ladies, do it because you want to make out with a girl, and figure out some other fun sexy tricks to keep your man on his toes. It's 2010, and that particular trick is played out.

What do you think? Have you ever made out with a girl to turn a guy on? What's your take on why straight women make out with each other? What crazy new things can we do if girl kissing is off limits? Tell us in the comments!