Unless you've been hiding under a rock bigger than Kate Middleton's engagement ring, you kinda-sorta must know she's engaged / in line to the throne.

First we asked: Would you want to inherit your mother-in-law's ring? But the talk soon turned more morbid: Is it, you asked on our Facebook page, bad karma for Kate to sport the very ring Will's mom, Princess Diana, was wearing when she died?

Plenty of people are arguing that this is pure malarkey: She's a beautiful girl, it's a beautiful ring, love is a beautiful thing. In their first television interview, Wills and Kate put their views of the ring (and their future) like this:

Kate: "I just hope I look after it. It's very special."

William: [For Kate] "it's about carving her own future. Nobody's trying to fill my mother's shoes."

But others have suggested this particular sapphire is nothing short of a curse.

Here's a snippet of what other Lemondroppers had to say:

"Maybe I'm superstitious, and not to be disrespectful to the Princess's memory, but wouldn't it be bad luck to wear the engagement ring symbolizing a union that crashed and burned as hard as Diana and Charles?" -- Kristen

"I'm no believer in curses, but that ring just wreaks of failed, loveless marriage." -- Leonie

Couldn't agree more with many of the comments above -- that William did a beautiful thing by honoring his beloved mother this way, and Kate was right to accept it. William said in an interview that this was how he made sure Diana was included in this special moment in their lives. As someone whose mother is gone too, I completely understand his feelings. If someday my future husband were to give me a family heirloom, I would happily wear it." -- Melissa

Well, it depends on who my mother-in-law was! I mean, seriously, it's Princess Diana. Of course I'd wear her ring! Duh! Besides that, it's a beautiful gesture for William to give his future wife the ring his mother wore. Is there no romance or beauty left in the world?" -- Jen

"Um ... I would except in this case not only did they divorce ... she's dead. And not regular dead ... tragic dead." -- Sarah

"It just seems a potential minefield to wear the ring of a woman who is either still living, or who is in living memory. What if you inadvertently make a comment about the taste of the ring's original choose? Or lose it? Or choose not to wear it the way mother did?" -- jessikast

Tell us: Where do you stand?