Kate Middleton's engagement ring belonged to Diana, her late MIL.OK, so Kate Middleton's finally engaged, and now the whole world is focused on The Ring.

And it turns out Prince William proposed to his future Queen of England with the same engagement ring Princess Diana picked out way back in 1981.

That's Kate flashing it at left. You can see Princess Di wearing the ring right over here at our sister site Aisledash, which has pictures of all things royal wedding.

The crown jewel in question is a giant (18-karat) blue sapphire, flanked in diamonds. And, sure, it's a beaut, but we here at Lemondrop -- modern girls that we are -- can't help but wonder if Kate wouldn't have ... preferred to pick out her own.

Maybe we don't appreciate history. Maybe this is just the kind of stuff that comes with wearing a crown. Yes, it's sacrilege to say, but it had to be asked.

What do you think: Would you rather inherit a family jewel or choose your own?

(Images: AFP/Getty)