After much controversy surrounding the caffeinated canned booze Four Loko, several states have banned new shipments of the alco-pop to your beloved local convenience stores.

If you're still unsure what Four Loko is (we gave you the 411 on it last month), it's a sweet, fruit-flavored malt beverage made up of alcohol, caffeine, taurine and guarana.

College towns and campuses all over the U.S. have considered bans on sales of Four Loko after many incidents of college kids acting the fool after one too many "lemonades." But Capitol Hill has also taken notice, and many representatives have already moves to ban the drink.

Before anyone got sick from Four Loko, Utah already banned sales of it, because that's how they roll. Michigan soon followed, putting the ban into effect on Nov. 5. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission is giving manufacturers of all alcoholic energy drinks 30 days to remove all their products from stores.

Oklahoma officially stopped shipments of Four Loko into the state on Nov. 3, but isn't prohibiting sales of the drink. However, the state's Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission makes one thing clear: "Once it's gone, it's gone."

New York senator Charles E. Schumer not only called the State Liquor Authority to stop Four Loko sales on Nov. 10, but now all shops have a week to clear the product from their shelves. (Get it while you can, kids.) Washington's ban on the refreshment will take effect on Nov. 18, the state's shops have one week to clear cases and cases of the popular "blackout in a can."

North Carolina, Rhode Island and Kansas are currently taking a "deep look" into Four Loko's contents and are considering to ban it completely as well. However, it's not official just yet.

Although Illinois hasn't enforced the ban as a state, Chicago has decided to start the ball rolling on a citywide ban. And the City Council is also open to listening to proposals that will stop bartenders from even serving Red Bull and vodka, which opens up a whole other can of caffeinated worms.

Time will only tell if Four Loko will be off shelves in every store in America, and if then they'll come after our rum and cokes. If only Congress were so quick to mobilize about relevant issues.