A new poll asked single men what they're really looking for in a woman, and it turns out that it's OK that you're totally crazy and don't know what you want. Neither do they!

The guys surveyed said they wanted a successful, career-oriented woman who earns a lot of money, but they also want their partner to stay at home and raise the kids. Ha ha, weird conundrum, right? Whew, good thing this is a paradox men are confronting. Not like we'd want to have to deal with it or anything.

A guy also prefers that a woman be ready to go out for the night in 10 minutes. (Naturally, considering she'll be confident and attractive enough to leave the house without makeup, duh.) Additionally, a banging body AND a voracious appetite is also required, with 89 percent of guys saying they wanted their girls to enjoy hearty meals, while 75 percent wanted their women to stay slim, and 91 percent saying they wanted a girlfriend with a high sex drive.

So, men want a superwoman who has time to eat a giant plate of ribs, work out, not blow-dry her hair, and maintain a successful career while raising his babies and doing him constantly.

Oh, Steve Harvey -- you make jokes about how fickle we are and, yet, WE ARE YOU.