Tina Fey -- funny and also not insane.Hey! Did you hear? Tina Fey has been named a Mark Twain Prize for American Humor recipient!

And she thinks female comedians aren't as crazy as dude comedians, which, uhhhh, we kind of have to agree with.

In interview in the Washington Post, Fey says, "The women are all sort of good daughters and college graduates. I think in the small sampling of women I know, the act of doing comedy itself was the act of rebellion," as opposed to a lot of the men doing comedy, who maybe have a problem with authority.

I don't know if choosing to do comedy is an act of rebellion for all of us -- some of us just try to make other people laugh because we desperately seek approval (thanks, Dad!), but we definitely agree that the men in comedy tend to be a little more dark and certainly get up to more shenanigans than the ladies by the time the bartender is kicking everyone out. (Generally speaking, of course. Realistically, most comedians are at least a little nutty.)

In terms of actual material compared -- for every Emo Philips, there's a Judy Tenuta. Granted, there's only one of each of those, but at the same time, isn't that exactly what we just said? Think about it. It's simple math. Ultimately, it doesn't matter who's crazier, or who thinks screaming is the best way to deliver jokes, or who had a 10-minute bit about Pop-Tarts, because funny is funny, and this year Tina Fey reigns supreme, completely well-balanced and sane though she might be.