If acting doesn't work out for the newly married Penelope Cruz -- who recently bagged Javier Bardem -- maybe she should give flirting lessons.

According to Badoo, a global networking site, Spain -- la Penelope's sexy motherland -- tops the list of the world's flirtiest countries.

There are other shockers in the Top 10, too. Take, for instance, Poland. Or even cold, snowy Canada. (Northern exposure, indeed!) In fact, nearly everyone one-upped the U.S. of puritanical A. We skittered to a dead-last-place showing, tied with Ecuador. (Yes, Ecuador.)

The official rankings -- and how they were formulated -- after the jump.

What the study measured, in particular, was how many women initiate contact with men. The site analyzed 90 million contacts between women and men in the different countries below to arrive at the final rankings.

"This study focused on who makes the first move," Lloyd Price, Badoo's Director of Marketing told Lemondrop. "What it shows is simply that American women are less likely than those in most other countries -- and much less likely than Spanish and most Latin women -- to be the one initiating something online with a man. Whether they are more active once that first contact is made is another story."

Ladies, we should officially be ashamed of ourselves. In fact, Lemondrop will be happy to burn your copy of "The Rules" for you.

The Flirtiest Countries on Earth

1. Spain

2. Poland

3. Dominican Republic

4. Italy/Argentina (tie)

6. Brazil

7. Chile

8. Portugal

9. Canada

10. Venezuela

11. Netherlands

12. Germany

13. Colombia

14. United Kingdom

15. Czech Republic

16. Mexico

17. France

18. Belgium

19. United States*

20. Ecuador

(*a near tie -- we edged out Ecuador by 1/100th of a percentage point.)

Meanwhile, new research suggests there are only five types of flirts on Earth. Which one are you?