A Massachusetts couple said their I do's over the weekend, without ever knowing that their bridesmaids were carjacked just minutes before the ceremony.

We aren't saying it wasn't admirable when you managed to keep the groom's drunk aunt from hassling the bride about the cash bar, but pretty much every bridesmaid ever just got trumped by these five chicks. They kept mum about a rather horrifying pre-ceremony incident until after their pals Jillian Sherlock and Nikhil Pereira were married.

A man who had just burgled a house ran up to their limo, smashed the window and started a fight with the driver, dragging him out into the street. While this happened, the girls fled from the vehicle and went into the church. Five police cars arrived, but the wedding goers were under the impression there had been a fender bender. Another limo soon came, but the criminal remains at large after crashing the one he stole a few blocks away.

And you thought you rocked it that time you remembered to bring one of your mom's Xanax for the bride-to-be, just in case.