In case you never listen to us, we present another story to tack onto the ever-growing list of reasons why you shouldn't let your BF take naked pictures (or, heaven forbid, video) of you. Oh, and your passwords? You should probably keep those to yourself as well.

Jamie Hooper had already violated a restraining order from his ex, Vicky Bowkett, a couple of times, even going to jail once for it when he hacked into her Facebook account and began sending her messages under an assumed name. He also published seven "intimate" photos of her, in addition to the 35 messages. Apparently Hooper set the privacy settings of the photos such that nobody else could see them, but Vicky had no way of knowing that.

He was sentenced to three months in jail for violating a restraining order and 15 consecutive months for an unrelated burglary. Vicki can rest a little easier -- her restraining order against him was extended for five more years, and anyway he's got a new girlfriend.

Seriously? And our weekend plans involve Netflix Instant and box wine? Where's the justice?!