Since many of us still blush when vibrators come up in public (not literally, one hopes) a number of sex toy shops and the radio show "Sex With Emily" (not to be confused with this writer) have come together (heh) in an effort to take the embarrassment out of talking about your jackrabbit, naming last Thursday National Sex Toy Day.

Organizers hoped to spread information on how sex toys promote better health and that using them will become more accepted for people who might not be having orgasms otherwise.

"It is our hope that Sex Toy Day will give people the chance to experience the joy of sex toys completely risk-free," says Dr. Sandor Gardos, founder of, a primary sponsor of Sex Toy Day. "Adult toys have been proven to lead to better health and positive sexual function, and they are safe, fun, effective and affordable."

And even though we may not talk about it, studies show that 53 percent of women and almost half of all men have used a vibrator.

So did you guys, um, celebrate? Or did it totally escape your awareness? Welp, there's always next year.