Accidental Pregnancy Gets Awesome New Excuse
A boa constrictor has given birth to to 22 half-clone female offspring without the help of a male partner. (Discovery)

Watch Out, Justin Long!
Scientists may have the technology to create invisibility cloaking material, vastly improving the way we stalk each other vision aids like contact lenses. (AOL Weird News)

Everything's Bigger in America
Experts say the U.S. obesity rate will hit 42 percent by 2050. (Health)

Somehow, Math Just Got Less Fun
Want to become a "math person"? All it takes is a little electric shock to the ol' brain. (BBC)

Twitter: Finally Fun!
Ever thought, I wish microblogging was a lot more confusing and part of an elaborate, old-school Nintendo-like game? Your wish is our command. (SuperTwario)

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No, Seriously, F**k You
William Shatner found the perfect way to take out his anger against the world by performing a spoken word rendition of Cee-Lo's "F**k You" on "Lopez Tonight." (Mashable)

Get Out Your Singles, It's Time to Party
Padlock your uterus! Lil Wayne is a free man. (PopEater)

Parenting: It's a Personal Choice
In a promo for the new Def Jam Rapstar game, Hulk Hogan whips out his beef jerky after watching his daughter dance. There are still laws in this country, right? (The Superficial)

I Think I Love Hooch
David Cassidy, not having had anything better to do for the past 35 years, decided to do some drunk driving. (Dlisted)

Why Don't You Have a Seat Over Here?
The sofa suit: for the perv who's overstayed his welcome with the popcorn trick. (LikeCool)