Do you love our president? No, we mean, do you looooooove our president? If so, have we got great news for you!

Direct from the 8th Sex Culture Festival in Guangzhou, China, it's the Barack Obama inflatable love doll!!!

Regardless of his approval ratings here in the States, Obama remains very popular among the people of China. Very popular. Popular enough that somebody felt there was a need for an inflatable doll with his face like laser-printed or something onto it. It's pretty terrifying, as you can see. Also, since the bottom half of the doll is obscured by the throng of inflatable dolls we aren't sure what's going on there, adding an extra dimension of creepiness to this already pretty incredibly creepy bit of sex paraphernalia.

Sorry, ladies, the manufacturer of the doll is not known, but you didn't want one anyway. Did you? We're not judging, but ... really?