While the task of delivering "The Talk" has typically fallen to the more precocious kids on the playground or our feminist, no-nonsense moms, a new study has discovered that many girls actually wish they would have had the awkward sex chat with their dads.

Researchers interviewed about 250 women between the ages of 19 to 21 about how their fathers had an impacted their sex education. And to no one's surprise, participants said it wasn't much.

However, researchers did discover that many of the women actually wished their dads had discussed relationships with them, in order to get a better an idea of what really goes through a guy's mind when it comes to sex.

"They felt that if they could have been more comfortable talking with their fathers about issues around sex, they might have been more comfortable talking to boyfriends or potential sexual partners about them," Katherine Hutchinson, associate professor at the NYU College of Nursing, told Time.com. "And they wanted to know how to negotiate intimacy issues with men."

While we all cringe at the idea of talking to our fathers about how to give the "no glove, no love" speech, we'll leave it to you. Ever wish you'd gotten sex advice from your pop? What do you wish he'd -- ugh, sorry -- told you?