So, if you've been on the Internet at all today, you may have seen this chart of the days of the year when you're most likely to break up. The chart is based on data mined from Facebook of when users were most likely to change their relationship statii to "single." See below:

Reaaaaaaaally, Facebook chart?

We're a little skeptical. Seriously? Spring break? (Well, maybe if you're in college and you're really feeling the sting of that ethics class in the fall, but otherwise, what happens on the Disney Cruise stays on the Disney Cruise.) All in all, we couldn't really "account" for all of the spikes on graph.

So in that spirit, we decided to make our own chart of days when we were most likely to wig out and dump a broseph, cold-like.

Note: Perhaps it seems like we break up a lot. But was it Verdi or Martin Lawrence who once sagely said, "La donna è mobile" ("Woman is fickle")? Take a look at our own Breakup Graph below, and then let us know what dates you're most likely to stomp on a dude's heart like a flaming bag of doorstep poop. (Click to enlarge.)