Is this why we're perpetually single?

A new study of old data says holding off on having sex with a guy might improve the quality of your eventual relationship. (You know. Should you have one. With a guy who's OK with not having sex for the sake of your eventual relationship.)

Basically, people who abstain from knockin' boots weed out the folks who are just looking to make the beast with two backs from their dating pool and find people interested in actual relationships.

According to data from a survey taken in the mid-'90s, people who waited until they were seriously dating, engaged or married before slapping skins (AGH!) had a relationship-satisfaction rating of 4.2 out of 5. Those who just couldn't wait and bumped uglies (good grief, why do we know all these old-timey euphemisms?) reported a satisfaction rating of 3.8.

What do you think? Does holding off on the horizontal mambo (seriously, why?!?!) make relationships better?

We would agree, but apparently "waiting for a fourth cocktail" doesn't count, so we don't know.