Say hello to My______.

No, we're not asking you to MadLib with us. This is one of the new changes MySpace is going through to make itself look cool to the Gen Ys out there.

But that's not all. The site will no longer focus on who are you are a person (Facebook does that already) or ask you what you're doing or thinking (Twitter's got that covered). The new MySpace will be the new destination to watch TV, listen to music and play games.

Users will be able to share interests with their friends and even get recommendations on what bands, films and even fashion. While your homepage will look more like an online magazine (similar to's Vulture or Vice Magazine's site), your favorite band's page will get a little facelift but looks pretty much the same.

"MySpace is unique in that it is powered by the passions of our users, who program the site by expressing interests, sharing tastes and knowledge around particular topics, and scouting out up-and-coming subcultures," MySpace CEO Mike Jones told "This is the just the first step, and there will be many more features, programs and improvements to come."

Current MySpace members (or those who still remember their user password) will be able to access the new version of the site as soon as the end of November. Hopefully this makeover will make being Tom's friend cool again.