Attention, all newlyweds: You have a decade of wedded bliss ahead before it all goes to hell, according to a new survey.

Ten years and 11 months together, to be exact. The Daily Mail reports that married couples are likely to get itchy with one another around this time, and not the more conventionally held seven years.

Why does it all go downhill after a decade? Well, a quarter of the couples surveyed complained that a lack of romantic gestures caused their marriages to lose their luster. Worse yet, a further 12 percent couldn't remember the last time they received a compliment from their spouse, while six out of 10 needed to be reminded why they married their partner in the first place. Ouch.

To no one's surprise, sex was also to blame. Not even the lack of it -- but a total lack of enthusiasm about it, for one-fifth of the 3,000 married people questioned. No figures were revealed as to how excited they were about the prospect of sex with someone other than their partner.

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