Boom! Proof -- a middle-aged lady with short hair.You remember the part in "The Breakfast Club" where Ally Sheedy says that when you grow up, your heart dies? We're not sure if that's true, but we're pretty sure of one thing: When women get older, their hair bobs.

Having spent most of our childhoods and teen years experimenting with pixie cuts, Emo Phillips dos and crazy girl bangs, most of us at Lemondrop have settled into medium-to-long hair. (Trendy haircuts are awesome, but also expensive. We're in a recession. We can't keep up with Katie Holmes anymore.)

It pains us to admit it, but dudes seem to like it, and all we have to do is keep it on our head, which is super-easy. Sometimes it gets washed. That's it.

So, why do middle-aged women seem to always chop theirs off?

According to one 55-year-old writer for The New York Times, it's because long hair is high-maintenance, and keeping it long after a certain age almost seems like an act of rebellion. The ladies over at Slate think short hair reflects a more practical outlook on life. And, of course, there's that old article over at the Daily Mail about how women chop their hair off if they're losing interest in sex. (We know, we know -- WE'RE JUST RE-REPORTING HERE.)

What do you think? Do women end up shorn because they're so practical, or is it because Jamie Lee Curtis looks sooo good in those yogurt commercials? Cast your vote below.