Should Internet pictures have real-life consequences?

Cardinal High School cheerleader Bree Vargo, of Middlefield, Ohio, knows all too well that sometimes it does. The high school junior was spotted in a photo appearing to drink a beer at her sister's wedding, and was promptly suspended from the school's cheerleading squad.

The picture was apparently sent to the school by an anonymous source (SABOTAGE!) who spotted it on Bree's Facebook wall. Like most high schools, Cardinal has a strict no-underage-drinking policy.

Bree denied that the beer was hers or that she was actually drinking from it, but the school's superintendent said she admitted she held the bottle in her hand.

Bree and her mother stand by their assertion that she was not drinking and are considering taking legal action to reverse the school's decision.

"Everybody knows that what you put on Facebook is there for the world to see," says Bree's mom, Susan Vargo. "Why would I allow that to be on there if I honestly thought that it was my daughter drinking?" She also noted that they had a deputy sheriff on-call at the wedding.

Which leaves us with so many questions. Why would you hold the bottle in the first place? Why would you put a picture where you "appear" to be drinking on Facebook? And, uh, why do these people have a deputy sheriff on-call at their daughter's wedding?

Do you think Bree should have been suspended? Watch the video that shows the "beer photo" here.