lady gaga halloween costumeYou've got one week until Halloween weekend. That's seven days to plan, buy and execute an awesome costume for the books (or at least for your Facebook feed).

Avoid spending mad cash on a cheaply made costume (or renting an expensive, smelly one) and go for a DIY a look that can be shopped from a thrift store or your own closet.

I challenged myself to dress like three of pop culture's current fave females -- Kim Kardashian, Snooki and Lady Gaga. The results? We'll let my Facebook "likes" on these pictures decide that.

Read on to learn how to make your booty pop like Kim, fist pump better than Snooki and electrify a room, Gaga-style.

Red Carpet Glam: Kim Kardashian

A little red dress. Even better -- a little red dress that's one size too small, like that dress from senior year of college you vowed to lose 10 pounds to (properly) fit into. Accessorize with a blow pop for extra flavor.

• Average cost: $10 dress, 50-cent lollipop

A Kim Kardashian costume isn't complete without her signature piece and your best asset this Halloween: one poppin' booty.

Grab scissors, two plastic bags and an old pillow. Gut the pillow of its feathers or stuffing. Stuff the contents into one plastic bag until about half full. Tie the bag tight, double bag it and then tie tight again.

Press the bag flat and place into spandex underneath your LRD (little red dress). (Perform all of the above outside to avoid finding feathers/fluff in all corners of your apartment through Thanksgiving.) Don't feel like making your own BootyPop? Buy the real deal here.

Kim's other signature piece? Her infamous sex tape. Make your own sex tape (hypothetically speaking, of course) by grabbing whatever VHS tape is collecting dust in your living room and marking in capital letters, "SEX TAPE." It's almost as good as making your own. Almost.

Average cost: one lost pillow and a born-again VHS tape

Gold accessories (bangles and hoop earrings) and a statement necklace. Finish off with a chic purse and a pair of stilettos.

Average cost: nada

Red Carpet Skank: Snooki

Snooki's most stylish statement since that punch she threw last season? Bringing skanky back.

Thrift (or pull from your own closet) a sleeveless black dress. Cut away its little black innocence and vertically snip open the chest of the dress in a straight line, stopping immediately below the bust. Use safety pins to append a chain (try the accessories section of a thrift store, or your dog's old chain leash) as a makeshift dress strap and added Jersey bling worth fist-pumping about.

Average cost: $10 dress, $2 dog chain

Snooki is a petite princess blessed in a big way in the rackular department. If you're not similarly gifted, make yourself a nice upper deck with underwear's footwear sidekick: socks.

Grab a handful of feathers from Kim's booty pillow and stuff into two socks until each are halfway full. Staple sock ends together to contain feathers. Insert your new falsies into the front of bra cups, using the feathers to lift and the sock ends to secure.

Average cost: one battered pillow and two reinvented socks

A can of hairspray to keep your leaning tower of bouffant from falling, and a double shot glass to help initiate a few slightly intoxicated falls of your own -- in those strappy heels your mom said made you look like a hooker when you first bought them.

Average cost: nada

Red Carpet WHAT?!: Lady Gaga

There's one thing Lady Gaga never does: the expected. Your outfit has to pop. Thrift-store shop your costume with vintage sequins usually found buried between bad '80s prom dresses in the evening wear department. Keep your sequins short, and expose some leg just like Gaga on the red carpet.

Gaga loves her bows, too, so hit up the men's department for bow ties to use as hair and neck accessories. Or just ask your boyfriend/brother/dad for a spare.

Average cost:
$10–$15 sequin top/dress, $1–$3 bow ties

To go Gaga all the way, you need some bright leggings to go with those sequins. American Apparel sells some sweet ones in gold, but forgo the extra spending and just bleach a pair from the multiple black ones you already own. Just pour bleach into a bucket and dip those leggings in, hold for a few minutes and remove to wash.

Average cost: one pair of leggings and a few cups of bleach


The video for her breakout single "Just Dance" introduced us to the world of Gaga and the eclectic style that went with it -- not to mention her unexpected romp with a blow-up dolphin in the kiddie pool.

To duplicate Gaga's look from the vid, use a black eye pencil to outline a lightning bolt immediately below your eye and drawn downward into your cheek. Fill with ridiculous eye shadow color of your choice.

Average cost: nada


Your most diva pair of shades and a neck scarf, preferably red to mimic Gaga's Little Red Riding Hood style (see above). Wrap the neck scarf toward the front of your head and a few inches below your chin, securing with safety pins to form a free-standing hood. Finish with white or black gloves from your storage of winter accessories, then throw on your stunna shades and forget to smile. Hello, Gaga!

Average cost: nada

Was your DIY costume a smash hit last Halloween? Share what you wore in the comments below!

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