Turns out birth control really can make you crazy.Talk about a lose-lose situation: Whether you have kids or are actively trying to ward off the baby virus, somebody's going crazy up in your house. That is, if we're to believe two recent studies in hormone research.

According to new research, taking the pill can increase feelings of aggression and jealousy in women. Subjects were given hormonal birth control pills of varying doses and asked questions about their relationships. Although progesterone didn't seem to have an effect on the amount of rage a woman experienced over the prospect of strange hos dipping in her kool-aid, there was a clear correlation between synthetic estrogen and feelings of possessiveness.

In other words: Yes, the pill IS making you crazy.

At the same time, being around a baby can make a guy get all hormonal too -- although not in a crazy "LET ME SEE YOUR CELL PHONE NOW!" kind of way. Apparently when a guy does something as simple as helping a baby sit up, the chemical oxytocin is released into his body. Oxytocin is also known as the "love hormone," and it encourages bonding. Interestingly, mothers and fathers have been found to have corresponding levels of oxytocin; i.e., if one parent's level increased, so did the other's. Low levels of oxytocin have been reported in fathers when the mother suffers from postpartum depression.

So, you can have a baby or not have a baby -- it seems like whatever you do, it's going to be messing with somebody's mind. One way just involves way more diapering.