Just a small portion of the whole enchiladaCould Mexico make an enchilada so big that even they could not eat it?

OK, we're a little miffed we weren't invited to enjoy it, but we're not too big to congratulate the engineers behind the world's most gigantic enchilada.

Cooks gathered in Mexico City last week to create the Guinness World Record–breaking enchilada, which came in at 230 feet long and 1.5 tons. This comida muy gigantesca contained cheese, avocado, cream, chiles, onions, tomatillos and salsa. (We're pretty sure we saw somebody shredding up some chicken in a video about it, too.) It required the construction of a special machine to make a tortilla enormous enough for it.

Apparently rolling the enchilada up without breaking the tortilla was the biggest challenge. You know, right after walking around in a crowd of people who had just eaten the world's largest enchilada.