It turns out the stereotype that men sit around complaining about their mothers-in-law isn't as sexist as we thought. Apparently, women can't stand their mothers-in-law either.

According to a new survey by iVillage, a majority of women would rather clean their house than visit with their MIL, and many of them would rather do some other really, really unpleasant things. Fifty-one percent of the respondents would rather stay home and dust their tchotchke than have to listen to their partner's mother, and 36 percent would rather take a trip to the gynecologist. Not to be outdone, 28 percent would rather do taxes or have a root canal.

28 percent of the total respondents also reported having a "terrible" or "bad" relationship with their MIL. No kidding!

According to iVillage's chief correspondent, Kelly Wallace, women have a hard time getting along with their mothers-in-law because they don't want to listen to somebody judge the way they raise their children and deal with their husband. In fact, 76 percent of those polled said they would never ask their mother-in-law for parenting advice, and 83 percent said the same of relationship advice. (94 percent will not be asking for sex advice from their MIL any time soon. That's a relief.)

Forums have sprung up across the Internet for people to vent about their mothers-in-law, the topic is quite popular on iVillage, and websites like Mother-in-Law Stories give women the chance to share their nightmares and ask for advice from experts on how to deal with an out-of-control MIL. The worst part? Some of the stories seem to justify the results of this survey, doing stuff ranging from throwing around candy like it's an Easter parade, to insulting a woman's womb.

What's your worst mother-in-law story?