We're strong believers in making informed decisions, and having never read the "Twilight" books, we have no idea what to say when asked if we're "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob." Thankfully, California State University is reportedly adding a "Twilight"-themed course in its women's studies program.

Some of you might be saying, "DERRRRRRRP? WOMEN'S STUDIES?!" But let's not rush to judgment. Twilightology promises to delve into relationships, race, sex, gender issues and more.

One a student told a reporter that she deemed the Edward character to be "dominant and abusive," so don't expect the class to attract a bunch of Pattinson Superfans. At the very least, we hope they'll dissect the romanticism of the books and help us figure out why so many people are completely obsessed with the non-sex-having teens contained within (and whether or not that whole "I love you, but I want to eat you" thing is some kind of unhealthy metaphor).

Whether you love the series or think it's the trashiest, most anti-feminist thing ever (or both -- it's 2010, do what you want), anything that captures so many hearts and minds probably deserves academic scrutiny. What say you, guys?

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