It's like we always say: When life hands you old photos of yourself sucking a priapus strapped to your husband's face, make lemonade!

And it seems like 28-year-old congressional candidate Krystal Ball was listening.

Somebody decided to leak some old Facebook photos of Krystal, who's running in Virginia as a Democrat, and getting a little, say, silly with her former husband at a costume party. If Ball wins she'll be the youngest female congresswoman ever, so you can see how these pics might pose a bit of a problem for some, but Krystal is rolling with it. [Editor's note: Meet Krystal in an interview she did with Lemondrop last year.]

She's using the photos to highlight the double standard for men and women running for office. Remember Sen. Scott Brown's nude pin-up in Cosmo? When we first wrote about that, we noted that "To the media, and the public, no more fuss is made than if pictures of him doing a keg stand in college were uncovered." The centerfold was the subject of a couple of jokes, not so much accusations of being a whore, and now Krystal's working to make sure people see her situation for what it is: a fear of female sexuality.

In a piece for the Huffington Post, she wrote, "The tactic of making female politicians into whores is nothing new ... It's part of this whole idea that female sexuality and serious work are incompatible." PREACH, girl.

Ball is working to make sure that people realize that photos like this are going to surface when women from her generation run for office (well, maybe not exactly like this -- why would a reindeer have a dildo for a nose?), and everyone had better come to terms with the fact that women can be sexual beings and still be competent. So, maybe you won't have to spend two weeks scouring the Internet to delete old college pics before you run for City Council. Excellent.

Find Krystal fascinating? So do we. You can read more about her here. (Politics Daily)