Their husbands -- the Chilean miners trapped underground since early August -- will be rescued one by one, in a specially-designed capsule called the Phoenix, starting today. And when they surface, the women who love them will be waiting.

But this isn't any ordinary reunion.

While they awaited news of their men for over two long months, the wives, fiancees and girlfriends of the 33 trapped miners were camped out in one of the most inhospitable environments imaginable: the Atacama desert, which is the driest in the world.

Still, the quest for beauty knows no borders, and that hasn't stopped them from lining up at the local Palumbo salon, to look as good as a girl can in a very dry climate. And we guarantee, no matter how arid it may be, when the guys reach Earth's surface again, there won't be a dry eye on that patch of dust.

To prepare, many of the ladies have been stocking up on wedding veils and lingerie, breaking in their heels on the otherwise stiletto-unfriendly terrain and deciding how to wear their hair ... and the vigil has even led to one wedding proposal. Read on.

Cristina Nunez, 24, is planning to cover her fiance, Claudio Yanez, with kisses, and that's just the beginning of her plot. Nunez has also managed to stash away choice lingerie -- a red bra-and-panty number complete with devil's horns, a tail and a cape, as well as a white bra with a bride's veil and garter. A devil and angel in one, if you will.

"I was given these by a woman who owns a lingerie shop in Copiapo," Nunez told the BBC. "I wasn't sure at first whether to wear them or not, but then I mentioned it to Claudio, and he seemed really keen on the idea, so I will."

Nunez and Yanez have been together for 11 years and have two daughters. However it wasn't until the accident that they decided to take the walk down the aisle. The unconventional proposal did help Nunez decide on which sexy pieces to wear when.

"I'll be a little devil on the first night after the rescue, and a bride on the wedding night," she said.

Meanwhile Dana Castro isn't really thinking about wedding bells or even getting busy with her boyfriend, 23-year-old mechanic Richard Villarroel because she's too busy getting ready to give birth to the couple's first child, to be named Richard Jr.

However, Villarroel's mother, Antonia Godoy, is standing in as Cupid.

"I suppose I'll call Dana and ask her, 'Do you want to marry my son?'" Godoy said. "And then I'll pass on her answer."

So there might be more than 33 happy endings by the end of today.

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