Do you prefer sex in a tent, somewhere on the Serengeti? Or would you rather have the carnal equivalent of Your Couch and must-see TV?

In a new CNN report, noted sexpert (and frequent Lemondrop contributor) Ian Kerner broke sexual compatibility into two simple categories: Either you're a "comfort creature" or you're a "thrill seeker," and this holds nothing less than the secret to mating bliss.

That's because comfort creatures enjoy routine and rarely switch things up in bed, while thrill seekers want to try something new, like, now. Furthermore, sexual compatibility is highest when you mate with a like-minded date: In other words, comfort creatures feel most comfortable with fellow Netflix addicts, and thrill seekers prefer those who like sex with a side of adrenaline.

So, what happens when a comfort creature meets a thrill seeker?

It's usually not a problem if you're in that new-love ("Look, I'm actually having regular sex!") bliss-out zone. It's after the hormonal surges subside that you might look at your no-longer-new partner and think, Dear lord, doggy-style again?

Kerner notes that these different styles don't necessarily doom your relationship. If you can honestly express what you want from your partner, you're halfway to not becoming another scary, sexless marriage.

Which sexual type do you suspect you are?

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