After sex, would you rather have deep conversation, or a deep-dish pizza?

It may depend on your gender -- and, you know, Darwin.

A new survey from Albright College asked 170 men and women about their post-coital behavior. Women seemed to prefer let's-just-lay-here-for-awhile activities like kissing and chatting, while men seemed eager to leap out of bed and start, um, drinking.

No, seriously. Women were more likely to try to hang out with their partners, while guys were more likely to spend their afterglow on mixing a drink, fixing a snack or -- wait for it -- asking their partner for a favor.

Study author Susan Hughes explained that, from an evolutionary perspective, this makes perfect sense. Women want to put on "Pink Moon" and spoon for hours for the emotional purpose of bonding and the physical purpose of being horizontal and retaining sperm (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew). Men don't need to lay there to ensure that our genetic material doesn't dislodge from their innards, so they do things that will aid future mating success in some way -- either by having sex again (powering up with a panini and a Lagunitas), or asking for something that they want while we're all flustered and sexually roughed up.

We know what you're thinking: Oh, evolution! You suck at feminism. But consider this: Women who were sleeping with "short-term" partners were much more likely to hop out of bed and shower right away, which may indicate that they're not actually interested in "retaining" the genetic material of certain men*. It's kind of cool that this study allows that sometimes women have sex for reasons other than filling ourselves with DNA like spermy piñatas.

Personally, immediately after sex, we're usually rappelling down the side of the guy's brownstone using a Batman grappling hook we bought from that Skymall movie-replica store. What about you guys? Do you think the study was right?