It's your typical modern love story: An independent woman who runs her own business hires a man to be her business partner, and after spending years working together, they realize they're in love and decide to marry.

Now for the twist: the blushing bride is 85 years old.

In just a few days, Ruth Franz of Wallingford, Conn., will walk down the aisle for the first time when she weds Henry Jones, the man she worked side by side with for years.

Henry was married until his wife passed away a year ago, and Ruth, when explaining why she never married, told the local paper she always wanted to, but didn't find a man she wanted to marry until Henry.

Henry's thoughts? "We're singing off the same sheet and that's all you could want in life. She's the most wonderful woman in the world ... and she's beautiful. I've always thought she was beautiful." The couple, described as "giddy" by their families, will honeymoon in nearby Old Saybrook.

We could make jokes about them being registered at a drugstore or the reception raging all the way till 7 p.m., but we're too busy being completely charmed. It kinda flies in the face of all that "settling for Mr. Good Enough" stuff, huh?