Dayton! City of mystery! Of Enchantment! Of the only available Domino's breakfast pizza!

You may have heard the news that the chain is testing out a cheese-and-egg topped pie, but it's mysteriously only available in Ohio at a 24-hour store. (Although Dayton is actually sort of famous as a pizza town, having a weird iteration that involves square cuts and a salted crust. So, there's that.) The pizza looks like it could go either way -- you can add things to it like bacon and mushrooms, which sounds sort of good but sort of ... why?

The product is just one of many we wish we never knew about because we can't have it. Also on the list: Burger King's Nacho Whopper (only available in the Netherlands), McDonald's Big Texas (a burger with bacon, spicy cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce -- in Germany) and Carl's Jr.'s Footlong Cheeseburger (only available in California).

We asked Domino's if they would sell us some where we live and they basically were like, "YOU WISH." We do, Domino's. We do wish. When, oh, when?

What one food do you wish would finally hit your hometown? Tell us as we salivate.