Just asking -- what's wrong with women the way they're made?

'Cause if we see one more retouched image in which a beautiful woman is manipulated to look like a freak of nature for no reason whatsoever, we're going to scream.

Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido is the latest brand to use Photoshop for evil. In what appears to be an ad campaign (courtesy of blog Photoshop Disasters), a nude woman sits perched on a cliff, her head resting on her left knee. So far, so good.

Now, look at her right leg. Is it growing out of the rock? It certainly doesn't appear to be attached to the rest of her body. And what's that coming out of her left foot? Extra toes growing out of her heel, or a disembodied hand? In any case, not anything that's supposed to be there.

How infuriating to see these images of women routinely reconstituted, and how frustrating that it seems to happen so frequently (the skin lightening controversy of Gabourey Sidibe's Elle cover was only a couple of weeks ago).

As if it's not bad enough to constantly be sent the message to get skinnier and sexier through heavily manipulated media imagery, now we're supposed to have mutant limbs, too?