The world is kind of boring me, lately. Can I say that? Can I say that it's totz cool if the world explodes in 2012?

Everything I see on TV and in movies and on the Internet is the same as what I've seen before. Have you seen the Web lately? It's made up of the worst garbage the human race can produce: Danielle Staub, Mel Gibson and pedophiles.

The latest offense is a blog called "She's Hot, But," where submissions outline a particular woman's inadequacies and what it is that makes her unattractive to the particular male genius writing it. Let me tell you something, chillun': When it comes to the Internet, misogyny rocks.

I don't need every blog I see to be clever and groundbreaking. I don't ask for a philosophical revelation every time I turn on the TV. But what happened to the moron who started this Tumblr that made him so mad at women? Besides the degrading of human worth, there's barely a punch line other than women being not good enough for -- and excuse me when I say this -- mentally handicapped overgrown adolescents. I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong, because I have zero evidence) that any avid follower of "She's Hot, But" who isn't 13 years old looks like a "victim" of "To Catch a Predator" -- 30-something guys who watch Nickelodeon and jack off to Selena Gomez before she turned 18. That's the vibe I'm feeling.

Here my favorite example:

She's hot, but she has the worst underwear.

OK, well, at least this guy stuck to the formatting. One of this guy's deal-breakers: thongs. Maybe he only wears thongs and that's why it bothers him. Oh, wait, no, here's his explanation: "By wearing nice underwear, it shows I care about you, I care about myself, and I like to be presentable, even when I know others aren't looking. That's called character." Yeah, a character like Kristen Bell or Heidi Montag or Katherine Heigl or Noie Cyrus ... Awww, widdle baby wants to show us ladies off, but he just haaates coming back to plain undies!

What's so wrong with a thong?

Here's one of the more recent:

She's hot, but I need to assemble her first :(

OK, points for humor, but see my point?

This site is sad and scary. The title alone explains that what makes women tolerable to be around is the fact that they're adequately attractive to these guys in particular. It's sad and scary that there's a place for these guys to air their feelings about what would improve the female sex for them.

But, while we're at it, I couldn't help but try my own hand at slamming half the world's population:

Here's some entries back atcha, guys:

He's hot, but he's homophobic, so that makes him gay. Have you met my friend Kent?

He's hot, but he spells like a fish, and that makes him stupid. But I guess I'd still do you.

He's hot, I guess, but I can tell he wishes I were 14, and that makes him creepy and scary. You know what? I'm going to hold off on this one.

Does "She's Hot, But" make your thong feel wrong? Or is it just us?