Yes, we realize this picture is inappropriate.If you're looking for the man of your dreams, you might not have to look any further than an old family photo. Yes, we realize that sounds incredibly creepy, but according to science, it's true.

A study conducted by the University of Pecs (really!) in Hungary took 700 participants and found that most people wind up with somebody who looks a lot like their opposite-sex parent.

Part of the research involved having people look at photos and guess which parents belonged to which couple based on their looks alone. Apparently it wasn't too hard to guess who was a lady's father based on her husband, or a man's mother based on his wife. Gross!

This could stem from the fact that the characteristics of our parents were imprinted on our memories, oh, at birth, which just might have a lasting effect on us.

So, suddenly creeped out looking at your partner, or do you think the study's just a bunch of hogwash? Vote below. Meanwhile, here's why most women say they wouldn't date Ashton Kutcher.