Hillary CLINTON! What the hell kind of Rite Aid–accessories-aisle nonsense is this?

Our favorite Secretary of State caused quite the Internet kerfuffle after a U.N. meeting over the flood emergency in Pakistan earlier this week. In case you haven't already seen the myriad pictures, Hillary showed up wearing one of those little grabby clips most of us use to keep the hair out of our faces while we're scrubbing off glitter shadow, following a long day of cheering on J.V. football. Only if you were dealing with a flood emergency in Your Basement could you could get away with leaving the house like this.

And before you say anything about this being anti-feminist or anti-woman, it is not. It is anti-drugstore couture. This would be like Rahm Emanuel showing up to the G20 with a Bioré strip on his nose.

Look, obviously I wear these to work, because I'm a blogger and a slob and sometimes I forget to wear socks. I am not the highest-ranking member of the Cabinet. But even I should get a sideways look or two for that, because it's basically a step away from strolling into the office in a pilly bathrobe with a roach in the pocket.

What do you guys think?