If you're a single parent looking for a partner, you probably want someone whom the kids love as much as you do. But can their criteria (carries chocolate, doesn't believe in bedtimes, likes bunnies) really help you find somebody?

Perhaps! After a string of bad dates with guys she met online, British widow Charlotte Morgan decided to let her 11-year-old daughter Zoe and 9-year-old son Will choose her dates.

Thankfully, kids are pretty intuitive, because the selection process Morgan's kids used relied mostly on looks. They sifted through photos looking for guys with "nice smiles" and "kindness in their eyes" (why are we thinking of the "Mary Poppins" nanny song here?) before finally settling on Guy Bolam, a divorced father of one. The kids liked that Guy was pictured on a motorcycle (kids love biker dudes?) and that, as Morgan's daughter Zoe told the Daily Mail, he "just seemed to fit with mummy."

Sparks flew, and within nine months Bolam was ready to propose. And so far, they're living the fairy tale in a medieval farmhouse in England.

Regarding her decision to let her kids choose her hubby, Charlotte said, "When they are involved in choosing their own stepfather, they certainly can't moan about him." Ha ha, just wait till they're teenagers, Charlotte.