Fi Star-Stone's 'I'm having a baby right now!' tweets.Hey, want to see a TwitPic of a placenta?

Kidding! Sorry. We're just hung up on / mortified by the rising number of women who feel compelled to live-blog, live-stream and tweet the gory details of birthing their children, blurring ever finer the line between TMI and straight-up Facebook-feed terrorism.

Why do women do this? Fi Star-Stone, a 34-year-old British mom, says she kept her followers updated on the progress of her pain-med-free home birth to "dispel myths of childbirth." Since most of her tweets were along the lines of "Holy hell, this hurts a LOT," we're not too clear on which myths those were, aside from maybe the one that being in labor makes you incapable of typing, which we'd never heard before until we made it up just now.

Other women have live-streamed their births, complete with real-time chatting/Skype, and of course there's a rather terrifying educational video of somebody's C-section webcast on YouTube (warning: actually a video of an actual C-section). Kimora Lee Simmons and the wife of Twitter CEO Evan Williams both kept their followers updated on their labor via Twitter.

Where's the privacy, the intimacy of what parents are always referring to as their proudest moment? Somehow, "I loved you the moment I saw you ... or when I posted a mobile pic to Facebook, whichever happened first" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

What do you think -- is this all a little much? Or should people overshare about their labor on the Internet the same way they do about plot points from an episode of "Glee"? Let us know in the comments.