Vanessa Paradis scored Johnny Depp with her big, gapped-up smileLost your retainer the first day you got it? Rejoice! Imperfect teeth have finally come into their own.

In an article for the Daily Mail, model Ruth Crilly recently wrote about how the gap between her teeth has helped make her career over the past decade, because it makes her face memorable and unique. And an article in The Wall Street Journal mentioned that a big, gap-toothed smile was the hottest look at New York Fashion Week casting calls. And then there's French megababe Vanessa Paradis -- Johnny Depp's partner and star of the new film "Heartbreaker" -- whose sizable gap gives her cool.

Conclusion? Perfect teeth are no longer hot. So, thanks, mom, for not letting us get braces. In hindsight we realize it was because you loved us and not because you had better things to spend your money on.

What do you think -- is there an allure to having a gap in your teeth, or is it another passing trend? Also, can you think of any famous dudes with diastema? (We can only come up with Bill Paxton and David Letterman.)